《WIN工具程序集》(Windows Sysinternals Suite V2011.02.23)绿色免费版[压缩包]

《WIN工具程序集》(Windows Sysinternals Suite V2011.02.23)绿色免费版[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《WIN工具程序集》(Windows Sysinternals Suite V2011.02.23)绿色免费版[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2011年制作发行: Home Page语言: 英文
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    Windows Sysinternals Suite V2011.02.23(工具程序集)
    开 发 商:Home Page
    更新时间:2011-02-24 13:44:23
    软件 MD5:c1778a0d96cb00ceccde26ed56e4669e
    测试平台:WINXP SP3

    Sysinternals Suite是微软发布的一套非常强大的免费工具程序集。我想介绍就不用多说了吧。用好Windows Sysinternals Suite里的工
       Sysinternals 之前为Winternals公司提供的免费工具,Winternals原本是一间主力产品为系统复原与资料保护的公司,为了解决工程师平
    【The software introduce 】
    The Sysinternals Suite is a set of very strong free tool procedure that the Microsoft release to gather.I want to
    introduce need not much said.The tool used the inside of the Suite of good Windows Sysinternals, you will have the ability
    processing Windows various problem more, and don't spend one hair money.
    The free tool that the Sysinternals before provides for the Winternals company, the Winternals is the company that a main
    product recovers to protect with data for the system for the sake of work°outing various problem that the engineer usually
    meets on the work and then develop a many small tools.They gather these tools to put together to be called Sysinternals after,
    and put in the network to provide the person with the free download, also include the source code of parts of tools among them,
    always all be subjected to the good opinion of the IT expert's agencieses rather.
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