Lior -《Corner Of An Endless Road》[MP3]

Lior -《Corner Of An Endless Road》[MP3]
  • 片  名  Lior -《Corner Of An Endless Road》[MP3]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2008年02月12日地区: 澳大利亚语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑类型:Indie Folk/Pop
    Lior 带给我们的不光是音乐享受,还有一种精神层次上的美妙体验,会让我们联想起音乐艺术的最初起源,除此之外的东西,都是第二位的。而他的“Autumn Flow”是澳洲历史上最成功的个人首张专辑之一,为他赢得了3个ARIA音乐奖的提名(其中包括最佳男歌手)还有若乾其他奖项,其中包括声名显赫的3J “J Award”音乐奖年度最佳专辑的提名。目前该专辑被销售超过50000份。他的第二张专辑“Corner Of An Endless Road”显得出了更多的个人风格与对艺术的真诚。它代表了Lior两年以来的心路历程、事业和生活。
    负责制作这张专辑的人中包括享誉国际的Sia和乌得琴演奏者Joseph Tawadros,由他负责弦乐伴奏部分。
    “Corner of an Endless Road”真实地代表了Lior 的音乐跨度;设想一下 Led Zeppelin 在中东的茶室碰上了 Nick Drake 会是什么样的奇景呢?[KOo译] by Dante1986
    Lior is a musician whose music gives more than it takes, offering a spiritually enriching experience for all involved and a reminder of a time when the music came first, and everything else was secondary. Autumn Flow became one of the most successful independent debuts in Australian history, garnering Lior three ARIA nominations (including Best Male Artist) and a swag of other awards, including a prestigious Triple J J Award nomination for Album Of The Year. Autumn Flow has now sold well beyond 50,000 copies. The songs on Lior s second album Corner Of An Endless Road are intensely personal and candid. They represent landmarks in the emotional journey throughout the last two years of Lior s career and life. Lior worked closely with producer Francois Tetaz at matching the emotional range of the songs with musical choices that intimately represent who he is, as a musician and a person. The album has collaborations with artists such as internationally renowned Sia and oud player Joseph Tawadros, and includes string orchestras and brass ensembles. Corner of an Endless Road is a true representation of Lior s musical landscape; think Led Zeppelin jamming with Nick Drake at a teahouse somewhere in the Middle East.
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以前就知道好多澳大利亚歌手的声音都非常清澈动听,像Tames Wells,Angus & Julia Stone,Pete Murray..
今天又知道了Lior,声音也是一样那么纯净! 谢谢lz发布这么好的资源
safety of distance 经典哦
干净的好声音~~原来是澳洲出来的啊~真是一方水土养一方人~TAMAS WELLS真是惊艳死我了...